Talking to another stranger

Normally during my large gaps during classes, I spend my time at The Hub. A small hang out place on campus where students can play video games, eat food, sleep, watch tv… You know stuff like that. It’s a nice change of pace…. Unless you are there all the time.


The Hub features really big glass walls around it so it. I tend to see people walk outside but someone stuck out to me one time.

There was some guy playing his guitar outside one day and I thought to myself. “Oh that’s cool, probably just a pedestrian going through campus”.


The thing is… He kept showing up all the time. I was started to wonder who this person was but I just figured he liked doing his walk during a certain time of day.


I think I was going outside of Butte Hall when I saw him lying on the floor playing his instrument near the mini parking lot behind Butte Hall.


Then I remembered I had this art blog and decided to just walk up and ask him questions.


Turns out the person is Dave Meichtry, he is a custodian at Chico State housing. He started to just play guitar during his 15 minute breaks and his lunch breaks. He has been doing this for 7 years.


He told me people have called him “The Wandering Minstrel”.


This has got to be one of the most chillest people at Chico State. This dude plays guitar during his break what a legend.


In all honesty it was nice getting to know someone who you just sorta see in the background, getting to know people like this has been nice for the past couple of months. It can be pretty awkward walking up to somebody and asking them for an interview but it has been fun so far. I learned a lot of new things and for some reason feel oddly inspired from all the artist I’ve meet so far.


I don’t know why that is something I wasn’t expecting given the fact that I have done this for a while now, even outside of the blog.


“Everyone has to find their way and I think if we all care about each other and love each other… I think, you know in a caring way and try to understand and – I am trying to be a better listener as well I think we’ll get through it and enjoy and get through our hardships as well”, said Dave



Taking a break

It was a Friday and I was just walking around campus. It had been a strange time, honestly it still is. A lot of our minds were still on it. It still felt so weird to be back on campus but it also felt good.


On my way walking around campus I noticed something pretty cool. Someone was playing guitar and a group of people are watching this guy sing his heart out.

I thought it was a just a campus stranger who just liked walking around and playing his instrument for everybody to hear.


Well, it was… Sorta.


It turns out it was Larry Sawyer an IT guy that plays music for fun. He was at Chico State because his wife requested that he play for the students as a way to relax after the two week break and fire.


I didn’t know that though.


It turns out that they lost their home in Paradise.


At the time I interviewed them they were planning in staying at a hotel in Orville.


I felt bad as I was asking them questions. I didn’t like pushing them with these kind of questions, thankfully everybody made it out safe.


Larry started the band Stoning Giants. They were on tour in Chico a while back. I didn’t really think about what kind of music I would find in this town so I kept asking questions but kept getting reminded of what happened a few weeks ago.


While I was asking Larry these questions I remember the environmental pretty well, I think I do.

It looked like rain had just cleared up and the trees on campus were colored yellow to orange. I was surrounded by grass on the south side of Butte Hall and I think it was cold. It was hard to think we weren’t that far from a destroyed town, I didn’t know how to feel in this moment but I wanted to feel happy that they made it out alive.


Larry told me that one the songs he was playing reminded him of the fire.

“I couldn’t even play that at first right after the fire”, said Sawyer.


I hope you guys find a new home.IMG_1025

Life Changing Experiences

Leanne Sullivan is a super interesting person. After she had a brain tumor, she decided that life was too short and she wanted to change her life to focus on things she liked.


One of those things being photography.


I met Leanne at the Brown Artworks Gallery, Leanne and Jesse Brown meet through a photography website. I thought it was super interesting that she came from Florida, she decided to come to Chico mainly because she already knew Jesse Brown. Her friends were surprised when she mentioned that she went across the country to participate in a Art Gallery.


Leanne specializes in underwater photography because she believes that people need to see it. She hopes that when someone looks at one of her pictures they feel something.


But what I found really cool about all of this is that she decided on this after she found out she had a brain tumor, I just found it amazing and I don’t really hear many stories about it. My roommates and the art gallery here do art for the fun of it, and Leanne does say that she has done photography before, she already had a interest but the experience that came from having such a weird experience rethink her life.


This has to be the most interesting story I have heard so far in regards to why people started focusing on art. I notice that it tends to be one focused on fun or a side hobby, Leanne’s is a completely different story. She had a life altering experience that made her change she… Well thinks about life.


Not to diss other people I have talked to, but I don’t think that they took up art after a life death experience.


Leanne does not think she would be in the art gallery if it were not for the brain tumor.


“You know what, I will tell you this. I am in a strange way very grateful for that brain tumor. It changed my life in a lot of ways”, said Sullivan.


Saying the past few weeks in Butte County have been sad would be an understatement.


We just had the worst wildfire in California history. A majority of Chico State just decided to leave if they didn’t live in Butte County. That Thursday was… Something I don’t think I will ever forget.


I myself was not affected by the fires, at least besides the air quality and leaving Chico.


I mean, I did feel uneasy. The sky was black orange, almost like something out of a final level in a video game.


But compared to the people who lost something


I can’t really say I have.


This blog had to be put on hold because of that. People weren’t themselves during that time period, most everybody here has changed.


We didn’t know if the town would catch on fire, at least not the people I was with. A bunch of rumors kept spreading around as to what would happen and we just had a plan in case something were gonna happen.


So this blog lost it’s importance since, well yeah. The fact that I left this town for weeks after the fire didn’t help out at all.


News stories, twitter post and the pictures kept adding on. But we also got to see some humanity in it. We had people donating, helping each other. It showed humanity.


If you want to help out yourself here is a link to the WildCat Rise fund from Chico State. You can donate here.

Brown Artworks is too far, let’s just talk to the my other roommate who also is a artist.

Ok so I got really lucky with these first blog post. My roommate is a rapper so I was easily able to interview him. The Brown Artworks gallery was super lucky because I somehow managed to get in contact with a teacher I never had and managed to make the connections to get in contact with him.

After this blog post I’m gonna have to start looking outside for some more artist. Because I got lucky for the 3rd time. My other roommate happens to be a artist. I mean, it’s not a bad thing. It makes it easier but in the future I want to try to get more artist that are outside of my connections you know? I’m just glad that these first 3 were kinda freebies.

I held off writing about Adonay Galan, because although I met Adonay and Jerm the same day and Adonay happened to be in the same living area as us. I knew about his art last because he was pretty quiet about it.

Jerm Deezy was pretty vocal about his rap, he just started showing us his songs and we immediately thought “Wow this guy wasn’t joking”. Mr. Brown and his family is super vocal about his gallery, the only reason it took me so long to find out about it is because his coworker told me, teachers can’t advertise to students.

But wow, the way I learned about Adonay is interesting. It was a day or two after we had just moved into the dorm. It was late at night and I think I was eating Pizza Rolls. While I was eating, Adonay started getting water or something and then we sat down at the table.

Then I started talking… For like 4 hours…I kept telling him all the work I had been doing up to that point to get into college and basically just a recap of Middle and High School. I am pretty sure he just kept listening because he thought it would be rude if he left or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was mad in his mind like…

“Awww… I just came here for food not a recap of what this guy did in the last couple years…”

But he kept listening after I ran out of things to say I ended up asking about him since it was kinda rude to just have someone listen to you without listening to them. This dude just listened to me rant it was the least I could do.

I remember him going something like… “I don’t really have much to say”.

I called him out, there was no way this dude doesn’t have anything to talk about. I managed to do it, he should too right?

Adonay is a humble quiet dude, he keeps to himself. It’s not a bad thing, hell I respect it. But then he started telling me how he did parkour and was an artist. He then told me how his parkour with his friends led to some crazy stories and how he managed to sell some art pieces back at home.

I was surprised, we kept talking. Later he showed us some of his art, all of us (The rest of our roommates including Jerm). Pretty much all of us thought his artwork was cool and Jerm actually wanted a doodle of his drawn in Adonay’s style.

Another reason I wanted to write the blog about Adonay after The Brown Artworks Gallery is because I helped Adonay get in touch with Mr. Brown. I thought Adonay’s art was THAT good, he now is actually selling some merchandise there. Which I recommend you get because it looks awesome.

“I started simple doodles, watched a lot of cartoons so that’s where my art style came from” said Galan.

Adonay got introduced to art by his dad, and his fathers inking into his own work.

His artwork is abstract in a simple way. He draws tons of his own little monsters that form some shape or surround a real life or realistic looking thing, such as a portrait of himself or a girl. The reason he draws is varies.

“I think it depends, I think it just depends on the mood. Unless something is going on or I ask people like… ‘Hey what should I draw? What do you think I should draw?’ or a message then yeah, but otherwise it’s just like me just drawing.

Adonay came to Chico State as a engineering major, but I guess the recent events of him getting connected with Mr. Brown and seeing people’s reaction to his art has gotten him to change things.

“I’m actually thinking of switching majors now. I mean, I came here looking for an engineering major, might go into business and minor in art”. Said Galan. “Mainly because right now, there has been a lot more of people asking for my art. Back home there is this company, they’ve been contacting me I have been doing a lot of work”.

I wonder where Adonay would be doing had I not asked that, or if any of us found out about his art. I was glad that I was able to connect him with Mr. Brown and have the two working with each other. It helps out Mr. Brown by having another artist in his gallery providing something new, and it helps out Adonay by having a outlet for his art. Jerm was already doing his own thing and I am happy to find out that other people just know him because he is so popular.

I’m just glad I asked Adonay to talk about himself, I hope as this blog goes on people discover their own talents or become more open about what they have done. I asked him what he hopes to accomplish with art, this is what he said.

“Probably just… I don’t know… Make people see that you don’t have to be that skilled, honestly. My doodles aren’t like you can say ‘Oh, there professional’ or whatever, they’re just based on other cartoons I have seen. Any creation I can think of. Basically doodles to me are my little creations, my little monsters. So I mean it’s nice to have what you created on paper, it’s not like anybody can say ‘Oh, you copied off of someone’ or ‘Hey that looks like somebody elses cause it’s not you creating the doodles”.

I guess if there is anything I learned about this blog is that anybody can be a artist. Look at where it has gotten them so far.

Here is some of his artwork.

All credit for this artwork goes to Adonay Galan.

The Brown Artworks Gallery

When I first moved to Chico I only really knew a few people. Those being the ones I went to high school with (Of which I only found 2), a couple of people I met during orientation. Other than that I didn’t know anybody here, it was a new place for me and I had no family or friends that lived here.

The closest things I had to people that lived here were some high school teachers that went to Chico state. But they obviously don’t live here anymore, at least not to my knowledge.

During the last couple of months of high school I made some connections, it was weird how I got to know Jesse Brown who helps run The Brown Artworks Gallery with his family.

I was talking to my junior year English teacher about a project I was doing for another teacher in a journalism class. I was originally going to talk to the journalism teacher but he wasn’t there, the classroom close to it however had my previous teacher. In there I told her about the project and inside was another teacher I never had, a special ed teacher.

So what happened was we all started talking and then from then on I knew the special ed teacher who worked with Mr. Brown… So that special ed teacher then told me about how his coworker had a art gallery opening in Chico and since I was going to Chico State… Yeah kinda complicated way to meet someone. With my roommate Jerm Deezy I just happened to get a room assigned with him…. Through a series of connections I ended up meeting Mr. Brown because I happened to go to Chico State.

I mentioned earlier that this blog is going to be about all sorts of art, if you are wondering how I went from talking about upcoming rapper to a family friendly run gallery… Well, both parties work on art… It can take many forms. It also helps bring variety to the blog, the reason I wanted to start the blog off with Jerm Deezy is to prove a point. Both have different demographics and different tones. Art can cater to anyone, some people have preferences so I hope that this blog exposes you to things you aren’t’ familiar with.

But this blog post isn’t about that. It’s about the art gallery. The Brown Artworks Gallery is a gallery run by the Brown family, it is a family run gallery in which all family members submit their own art in the form of photography and hand drawings/paintings etc. They do all sorts of things.

“Art’s been a lifelong endeavor for our whole family so… The whole gallery was a family decision”. Said Jesse Brown.

The art gallery is not just limited to works from the Brown family. It is open to other artist as well.

“We want to run the gallery because we had a vision for how to present art, we wanted to include other artist in that vision and so you become someone who manages other artist in addition to showing your own art,” said Brown. “I kinda had to sacrifice a lot of painting and drawing have just kinda been relegated to photography more, which is ok for now. But you know it’s all part of the artist process…. Showing our art… It’s not just enough to show our art, because other people managing our art wasn’t satisfying. We want to manage it and then we thought we could manage other people’s and give them a good experience as well.

The art gallery is just starting out, it’s located near the Starbucks downtown. If you are interested in supporting a new art gallery check it out.

“It’s 234 West 3rd Street in Chico California. It’s across the street from the parking garage on 3rd street… We have a sign up front on the sidewalk everyday,” said Brown.


Here is the Brown Artworks Gallery Website

Here is the Facebook Page

Here is the Downtown Chico Webpage

First piece of art, lets start by looking close… How about my own room?

So I decided that if I were going to find art in Chico I should begin by looking closely, lucky for me I happen to have a artist I share a room with. Jerm (Known as Jerm Deezy) is a computer science major at CSU Chico. Jerm has been rapping since his freshman year of high school.

“I rap about anything from… like interracial racism to taking other dudes chicks and wearing chains,” -Deezy.

Jerm became obsessed with rap culture and has since been releasing his songs on soundcloud.

“My main inspirations… definitely Michael Jackson for sure, Mac Miller was pretty cool, you know XXX was a big influence, and like Bay Area type music,” said Jerm. “Like SOB and Mozzy and all them”.

Along with releasing songs on his soundcloud Jerm has also been performing out in public with other artist. On October 19th, 2018 Jerm will be performing with FFMB Malc, Duxe Ru and Rechbands.

Since I am his roommate it’s not uncommon to come home and hear the speakers blaring some of his music or songs he is interested. Living with him it’s not uncommon to see him writing his upcoming songs while in bed, or having his lyrics around the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody as dedicated to their rap as much as Jerm.

I always knew rap music was popular when around my communities growing up, at most we had a few people around us that always freestyled with their friends or posted their own things on soundcloud. But I don’t think I have ever met anybody who has gotten out and performed in events where tickets are being sold. It’s crazy to think that if I google my roommates name Jerm Deezy on google that he shows up with his upcoming shows.

If you yourself are interested in supporting my roommate his show is just around the corner, if you end up buying tickets let him know it was from this blog.

It wasn’t that hard to find art for this first assignment, but admittedly… I did get pretty lucky having a dope roommate.

Here is his sound cloud.