Life Changing Experiences

Leanne Sullivan is a super interesting person. After she had a brain tumor, she decided that life was too short and she wanted to change her life to focus on things she liked.


One of those things being photography.


I met Leanne at the Brown Artworks Gallery, Leanne and Jesse Brown meet through a photography website. I thought it was super interesting that she came from Florida, she decided to come to Chico mainly because she already knew Jesse Brown. Her friends were surprised when she mentioned that she went across the country to participate in a Art Gallery.


Leanne specializes in underwater photography because she believes that people need to see it. She hopes that when someone looks at one of her pictures they feel something.


But what I found really cool about all of this is that she decided on this after she found out she had a brain tumor, I just found it amazing and I don’t really hear many stories about it. My roommates and the art gallery here do art for the fun of it, and Leanne does say that she has done photography before, she already had a interest but the experience that came from having such a weird experience rethink her life.


This has to be the most interesting story I have heard so far in regards to why people started focusing on art. I notice that it tends to be one focused on fun or a side hobby, Leanne’s is a completely different story. She had a life altering experience that made her change she… Well thinks about life.


Not to diss other people I have talked to, but I don’t think that they took up art after a life death experience.


Leanne does not think she would be in the art gallery if it were not for the brain tumor.


“You know what, I will tell you this. I am in a strange way very grateful for that brain tumor. It changed my life in a lot of ways”, said Sullivan.


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