Talking to another stranger

Normally during my large gaps during classes, I spend my time at The Hub. A small hang out place on campus where students can play video games, eat food, sleep, watch tv… You know stuff like that. It’s a nice change of pace…. Unless you are there all the time.


The Hub features really big glass walls around it so it. I tend to see people walk outside but someone stuck out to me one time.

There was some guy playing his guitar outside one day and I thought to myself. “Oh that’s cool, probably just a pedestrian going through campus”.


The thing is… He kept showing up all the time. I was started to wonder who this person was but I just figured he liked doing his walk during a certain time of day.


I think I was going outside of Butte Hall when I saw him lying on the floor playing his instrument near the mini parking lot behind Butte Hall.


Then I remembered I had this art blog and decided to just walk up and ask him questions.


Turns out the person is Dave Meichtry, he is a custodian at Chico State housing. He started to just play guitar during his 15 minute breaks and his lunch breaks. He has been doing this for 7 years.


He told me people have called him “The Wandering Minstrel”.


This has got to be one of the most chillest people at Chico State. This dude plays guitar during his break what a legend.


In all honesty it was nice getting to know someone who you just sorta see in the background, getting to know people like this has been nice for the past couple of months. It can be pretty awkward walking up to somebody and asking them for an interview but it has been fun so far. I learned a lot of new things and for some reason feel oddly inspired from all the artist I’ve meet so far.


I don’t know why that is something I wasn’t expecting given the fact that I have done this for a while now, even outside of the blog.


“Everyone has to find their way and I think if we all care about each other and love each other… I think, you know in a caring way and try to understand and – I am trying to be a better listener as well I think we’ll get through it and enjoy and get through our hardships as well”, said Dave



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